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Colorful salad with yellowfin tuna — great as an entrée or side dish

These cuties are the perfect addition to a tapas menu or holiday party.

Yellowfin tuna paired with polenta to create a flavorful appetizer

Fresh greens paired with a crisp yellowfin tuna cake and a hand-prepared Mediterranean salsa

Twist on Italian classic that includes yellowfin tuna

Delicious yellowfin tuna paired with Italian staples creates this classic dish

A twist on classic tuna melts

A flavorful mix of tuna, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and herbs is stuffed into rich, buttery avocado halves to create the perfect meal — no mayo needed here!

Fresh, herbaceous and easy to prepare, this Italian antipasto spread will be the star of any gathering. Accompany with grilled or marinated vegetables and crusty crostini for a crave-worthy appetizer.

A modern, upscale twist on the traditional tuna sandwich — easy, flavorful and delicious.